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Client-side API

Server-side API



    Default font family and size

    Change dropdowns style

    Custom CSS for Context Menu

    Black & White content

    Underlined misspelled words in Firefox

    Background color of toolbars

    How to change background colors of Popups

    Default CSS for Editor


    Disable context menu

    Small Caps style

    Conflict with Jquery validation

    Cache issue with insert image feature

    Switch to Design mode on one click

    Add the 'State' behavior to buttons

    Browse button of Image Upload popup is invisible

    Default target of the new link

    Select image in Safari and Chrome

    Default table settings

    Insert P instead of BR

    How to paste cleared HTML on Ctrl+V in all browsers

    Non-draggable popups

    Click to <DIV> element once in Editor

    How to prevent empty description of an Image

    Image src on double click

    Editor and the tab order


    Hide 'Submit' and 'Cancel' buttons in Preview mode

    Create a folder on file upload

    Save files with the same name

    Custom font sizes

    Change toolbar button's image

    Add document types for import

    VB CustomButtonsAndPopups code file

    Remove some fields from the URL Link Properties Popup

    Change Image Gallery folders in code behind

    Insert image from the gallery without properties set

    Add new font names

    Customize the Special Characters popup

    Readonly URL field

    Custom Heading dropdown

    BMP images in Editor

    Change Image Gallery folders

Client-side API

    Change height of EditPanel dinamically

    Set background color in client-side

    Disable/Enable Editor in client-side

    Prompt on Page unload

    Turn off the code optimization

    Disable fields in popup conditionally

    Popups closed on async Timer postback

    Change the obtained content

    Select all content

    Clean up content before post back.

    Change content on preview

    Default CSS class of image

    Dynamic background color change

    Change the popup's position

Server-side API

    Custom 'get plain text' function


    Nested ordered list

    Clipboard access prompt

    IIS7 Url rewriting

    How to reduce page source code for multiple simple editors

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