ASP.NET 3.5 and above only

Obout.Ajax.UI Controls - HTML Editor - Client side

Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.PopupStateArgs class

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Argument of this type is passed to the handlers of the popupStateChanged event.
Note Note
To get property values for client API properties, you must call property accessor method that is named with the get_ prefix. For example, to get a value for a property such as state, you call the get_state method:
var openedPopups = 0;
function popupStateChanged(sender, args) {
  var flyout = eval("<%=Flyout1.getClientID()%>");
  switch (args.get_state()) {
      case Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.PopupStateType.LoadStart:
          // prevent to close Flyout while any Editor's popup is loading
      case Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.PopupStateType.PreOpen:
          // prevent to close Flyout while any Editor's popup is opened
      case Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.PopupStateType.Close:
          if (openedPopups == 0) {
            // permit to close Flyout


Name Description
propertyname string. Gets the full type name of the popup which state has been changed.
propertypopup object. Gets the popup which state has been changed.
This property is null when the state is Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.PopupStateType.LoadStart.
propertystate PopupStateType. Gets the current state of the popup.

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