ASP.NET 3.5 and above only

Obout.Ajax.UI Controls - HTML Editor - Client side

Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.Popups.BackgroundImageSelectedArgs class

 Inheritance Hierarchy

Argument of this type is passed to the event handlers of the PopupBgImageSelector control.
Note Note
To get property values for client API properties, you must call property accessor method that is named with the get_ prefix. For example, to get a value for a property such as backgroundImage, you call the get_backgroundImage method:
function backgroundImageSelected(sender, args) {
  alert("Background Image's URL: " + args.get_backgroundImage().src);


Name Description
propertybackgroundImage string. Gets or sets the Background Image object with the following fields:
  • attachment - Attachment style of the background image (e.g. "fixed");
  • positionLeft - Horizontal position of the background image (e.g. "left");
  • positionTop - Vertical position of the background image (e.g. "top");
  • repeat - Repeat style of the background image (e.g. "repeat-x");
  • src - URL of the background image.

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