ASP.NET 3.5 and above only

Obout.Ajax.UI Controls - HTML Editor - Client side

Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.QF.QuickFormatting class

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It is a client-side representation of the server-side Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.QF.QuickFormatting class.
Note Note
To get property values for client API properties, you must call property accessor methods that are named with the get_ prefix. For example, to get a value for a property such as buttons, you call the get_buttons method:
var editPanelObject = $find("<%= editPanel1.ClientID %>");
quickFormattingObject = editorObject.get_quickFormatting();
if (quickFormattingObject) {
   alert("Total items: " + quickFormattingObject.get_buttons().length);


Name Description
propertybuttons Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.QF.StyleItem array. Gets an array of items in the panel.
propertyelement string. Gets the DOM element that the current Control instance is associated with. (Inherited from Sys.UI.Control.)
propertyid string. Gets the identifier for the current Control object. The default is the id value of the associated Sys.UI.DomElement object. (Inherited from Sys.UI.Control.)
propertyshowDisabledStyles boolean. Gets or sets a value indicating whether to show disabled items (styles).
Default true.

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