ASP.NET 3.5 and above only

Obout.Ajax.UI Controls - HTML Editor - Server side

Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.Popups.PopupUnitToggle class

 Inheritance Hierarchy

<%@ Register Assembly="Obout.Ajax.UI" Namespace="Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.Popups" TagPrefix="obout" %>

This button toggles the inner text of the button between "px" and "%" size units.

Public properties

Name Description
propertyClientID String. Gets the server control identifier generated by ASP.NET. (Inherited from Control.)
propertyID String. Gets or sets the programmatic identifier assigned to the server control. (Inherited from Control.)
propertyInitIndex Int overridable. Gets or sets the index of initial value (shown in the button) in the TextCouple . (Inherited from PopupToggleButton.)
Default 0.
propertyName String overridable. Gets or sets the name of the button. (Inherited from PopupCommonButton.) This name should be unique in the popup content.
propertyText String overridden sealed. Gets the current text inside the 'box' button: "px" or "%" (depends on the InitIndex value) (Inherited from PopupBGIButton.)
propertyTextCouple String overridden sealed. Gets the '/' character separated two text values: "px/%". (Inherited from PopupToggleButton.)

Protected properties

Name Description
propertyClientControlType String overridable. Gets the script type to use for the Control. (Inherited from PopupCommonButton.)
propertyContent Collection<Control>. (Inherited from PopupBoxButton.) Gets the child controls collection.
propertyScriptPath String overridable. Gets the path of the script file where the associated script type is defined. (Inherited from PopupCommonButton.)

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