ASP.NET 3.5 and above only

Obout.Ajax.UI Controls - HTML Editor - Server side

Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.Popups.Icons class

 Inheritance Hierarchy

<%@ Register Assembly="Obout.Ajax.UI" Namespace="Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.Popups" TagPrefix="obout" %>

With the popup of this type user can insert a new icon.

Public properties

Name Description
propertyAdditionalCss String. Gets or sets comma separated paths of additional CSS files for this popup. (Inherited from Popup.)
propertyAutoDimensions Bool sealed. Gets a value indicating whether the size of the popup is determining automatically. (Inherited from Popup.)
Always true.
propertyClientID String. Gets the server control identifier generated by ASP.NET. (Inherited from Control.)
propertyCssPath String. Gets or sets a style file path. (Inherited from Popup.)
By default embedded CSS file is used.
propertyIconsFolder String. Gets or sets the URL of the folder with the icons.
Default "~/App_Obout/HTMLEditor/icons/".
propertyIconsInRow Int. Gets or sets the number of icons in one row.
Default 10.
propertyID String. Gets or sets the programmatic identifier assigned to the server control. (Inherited from Control.)
propertyRelativeUrl Bool. Gets or sets a value indicating whether to create a ralative URL for selected icon. If false then absolute URL will be generated.
Default true (relative URL).

Protected properties

Name Description
propertyAttachedToButton Bool overridable. Gets a value indicating whether the popup is 'attached' to a button called this popup. (Inherited from Popup.)
Default true.
propertyAutoClose Bool overridable. Gets a value indicating whether the popup is closed on click outside it. (Inherited from Popup.)
Default true.
propertyClientControlType String overridable. Gets the script type to use for the Control. (Inherited from Popup.)
propertyContent Collection<Control>. Gets collection of controls included into the popup. (Inherited from Popup.)
propertyDefaultTitle String overridable. Gets the popup title if not found in Localization. (Inherited from Popup.)
The title is not shown here by default.
Default String.Empty .
propertyScriptPath String overridable. Gets the path of the script file where the associated script type is defined. (Inherited from Popup.)

Protected methods

Name Description
propertyFillContent Void overridable. Fills content of the popup. (Inherited from Popup.)
No parameters.

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