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Obout.Ajax.UI Controls - HTML Editor - Server side

Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.ToolbarButton.MethodButton abstract class

 Inheritance Hierarchy

<%@ Register Assembly="Obout.Ajax.UI" Namespace="Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor.ToolbarButton" TagPrefix="obout" %>

Base class for method buttons that are shown in design mode .

Public properties

Name Description
propertyActiveModes Collection<ActiveModeType> sealed overridden. Gets the collection of edit modes when this button is visible in toolbar. (Inherited from CommonButton.)

Here the collection always contains one item:
propertyClientID String. Gets the server control identifier generated by ASP.NET. (Inherited from Control.)
propertyCssClass String overridable. Gets the CSS class for the button. (Inherited from WebControl.)
Default "ajax__htmleditor_toolbar_button".
propertyDefaultToolTip String overridable. Gets the default tooltip when not found in Localization file. (Inherited from CommonButton.)
Default String.Empty .
propertyID String. Gets or sets the programmatic identifier assigned to the server control. (Inherited from Control.)

Protected properties

Name Description
propertyButtonImagesFolder String overridable. Gets the buttons images folder. If empty then the embedded images are in use. (Inherited from ImageButton.)
Default String.Empty .
propertyBaseImageExtension String overridable. Gets the base image extension for the button. (Inherited from ImageButton.)
Default "gif".
propertyBaseImageName String overridable. Gets the base image name for the button. (Inherited from ImageButton.)

The following images must exist in case of the base image name "ed_date":
ed_date_n.gif - normal button's image;
ed_date_a.gif - image when the button is pressed or active.
propertyClientControlType String overridable. Gets the script type to use for the Control. (Inherited from CommonButton.)
propertyIsStatus Bool overridable. Gets a value indicating whether the button's state is checked on every parent toolbar update. (Inherited from CommonButton.)
Default false.
propertyScriptPath String overridable. Gets the path of the script file where the associated script type is defined. (Inherited from CommonButton.)

Example of code for custom method button (in App_Code folder)

public class InsertDate : MethodButton
  // what client-side type to initiate
  protected override string ClientControlType
     get { return "CustomToolbarButton.InsertDate"; }

   // what file in the client-side type is located
  protected override string ScriptPath
     get { return "~/App_Obout/HTMLEditor/Scripts/InsertDate.js"; }

  // custom buttons images folder
  protected override string ButtonImagesFolder
     get { return "~/App_Obout/HTMLEditor/customButtons/"; }

  // base name of this button image,
  // The following images should be present in the folder above:
  // ed_date_n.gif - normal button's image
  // ed_date_a.gif - image when button pressed
  protected override string BaseImageName
     get { return "ed_date"; }

  // tooltip if not found in Localization
  public override string DefaultToolTip
     get { return "Insert current date"; }

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