ASP.NET 3.5 and above only

Obout.Ajax.UI Controls - HTML Editor - Documents generator

You can populate documents from database.

Select row in the Grid and click 'Populate document'.

SelectParentsChild's sexChild's nameFiance(e)DateChurchCityState
HughesdaughterJenniferJason Fredrick 7/4/2006 St. Paul's ChurchSpringfieldIllinois
TeokharovdaughterNatalyGood Boy 4/1/2010 Tarskaya ChurchOmskRussia
JonessonJohnJoy Gustell 8/15/2006 St. Michael's ChurchJuneauAlaska
BoutorinesonIlyaBeautiful Girl 4/1/2016 St. Peter's ChurchBrooklynNew York

Wedding Announcement

Mr. and Mrs. [[parents]]
announce the marriage
of their [[child's sex]]
[[child's name]]
on [[date]]
[[city]], [[state]]

The source code of this example you can see in the downloaded Suite.

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