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How to make the Editor in ANY language

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How to make the Editor in ANY language

You can make the Editor support your native language. It can be done in a few steps.
  1. Make a copy of the en.resx file in the /App_Obout/HTMLEditor/Loacalization folder.
  2. Rename the copy to xx.resx where xx is the new supported language name (de, es and so on).
  3. Translate the Value fields in the file to the new supported language.
    You can use any Visual Studio for editing.
  4. Place the new resx file to the /App_Obout/HTMLEditor/Loacalization folder.

Now you can set the UICulture property of the Page to the new language name.

<%@ Page UICulture="es"%>

We ask you to send your new localization resx files to Obout Support.
We will make your localized resx file available for everyone and give you credit for it.

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