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Obout.Ajax.UI Controls - HTML Editor - Full context menu items set in template file

Here you can see how to set all available context menu items for the EditPanel in Editor control using the ItemsTemplate property of the ContextMenu.
If you don't want to use the full items set, just copy the text below and remove context menu items you don't want to see.

Also you can change default values of some properties for any context menu item.
For example, you have code file with customized 'Image properties' popup (CustomPopups.SmallImageProperties class) in App_Code folder and you want to use it for image properties editing.
Just edit the line with the EditImageItem item:

<item name="EditImageItem" >
   <property name="RelatedPopupType" value="CustomPopups.SmallImageProperties, App_Code" />
<%@ Register Assembly="Obout.Ajax.UI" Namespace="Obout.Ajax.UI.HTMLEditor" TagPrefix="obout" %>
<obout:Editor runat="server" Id="editor" Height="500px" Width="100%">
            <ContextMenu ItemsTemplate="FullItemsSet />

The FullItemsSet.xml template file (you can find it in the downloaded Suite):

  <!-- All available items for the context menu -->
  <item name="MakeEditable" />
  <item name="EditOrderedListItem" />
  <item name="EditBulletedListItem" />
  <item name="EditRadioItem" />
  <item name="RemoveRadioItem" />
  <item name="EditCheckBoxItem" />
  <item name="RemoveCheckBoxItem" />
  <item name="EditResetItem" />
  <item name="RemoveResetItem" />
  <item name="EditSubmitItem" />
  <item name="RemoveSubmitItem" />
  <item name="EditButtonItem" />
  <item name="RemoveButtonItem" />
  <item name="EditHiddenItem" />
  <item name="RemoveHiddenItem" />
  <item name="EditPasswordItem" />
  <item name="RemovePasswordItem" />
  <item name="EditTextBoxItem" />
  <item name="RemoveTextBoxItem" />
  <item name="EditDivItem" />
  <item name="RemoveDivItem" />
  <item name="RemoveDivWithoutContentItem" />
  <item name="EditMediaItem" />
  <item name="RemoveMediaItem" />
  <item name="EditFlashVideoItem" />
  <item name="EditFlashItem" />
  <item name="RemoveFlashItem" />
  <item name="EditImageItem" />
  <item name="RemoveImageItem" />
  <item name="EditAnchorItem" />
  <item name="RemoveAnchorItem" />
  <item name="EditLinkItem" />
  <item name="RemoveLinkItem" />
  <item name="InsertColumnBeforeItem" />
  <item name="InsertColumnAfterItem" />
  <item name="EditTableItem" />
  <item name="EditCellItem" />
  <item name="InsertRowAboveItem" />
  <item name="InsertRowBelowItem" />
  <item name="RemoveColumnItem" />
  <item name="RemoveRowItem" />
  <item name="RemoveTableItem" />
  <item name="EditFormItem" />
  <item name="RemoveFormItem" />
  <item name="RemoveFormWithoutContentItem" />
  <item name="CutItem" />
  <item name="CopyItem" />
  <item name="PasteItem" />
  <item name="PasteTextItem" />
  <item name="PasteWordItem" />
  <item name="SelectAllItem" />

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