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Obout.Ajax.UI Controls - Spell Checker - Download dictionaries

The Suite contains only one dictionary for the Spell Checker: en-US.dic.
It is placed in the /App_Obout/SpellChecker/Dictionaries/ folder.

Here you can download any available dictionary (zip file) for the Spell Checker.

How to set dictionaries for the Spell Checker see the SpellCheckDictionary page.
Place the downloaded dictionaries in the /App_Obout/SpellChecker/Dictionaries/ folder.

Available dictionaries

American en-US.dic zip 376 KB
Arabic ar-AE.dic zip 213 KB
Australian en-AU.dic zip 311 KB
British en-GB.dic zip 316 KB
Canadian en-CA.dic zip 378 KB
Czech cs-CZ.dic zip 1024 KB
Dutch nl-NL.dic zip 512 KB
French fr-FR.dic zip 326 KB
German de-DE.dic zip 713 KB
Greek el-GR.dic zip 1913 KB
Hebrew he-IL.dic zip 886 KB
Italian it-IT.dic zip 329 KB
Mexican es-MX.dic zip 198 KB
Norwegian Bokmaal nb-NO.dic zip 639 KB
Norwegian Nynorsk nn-NO.dic zip 461 KB
Polish pl-PL.dic zip 917 KB
Portuguese pt-PT.dic zip 136 KB
Romanian ro-RO.dic zip 117 KB
Russian ru-RU.dic zip 1167 KB
Slovak sk-SK.dic zip 855 KB
Spanish es-ES.dic zip 189 KB
South-African (English) en-ZA.dic zip 265 KB
Swedish sv-SE.dic zip 286 KB
Thai th-TH.dic zip 202 KB

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