We received a delicious cake from Vienna, Austria!
Cake 1 Cake 2 Cake 3 Cake 4 "Thank you for individual support"
Franz Fiala
"I am impressed with your support as a lot of others are."
Fabio Greselin
ITSS Edcon Voice Communications, Johannesburg South Africa
"These controls are working great for us. And our customer loves them. We are creating new programs all the time. So having great support to us is very important. Thanks for your help."
Jeremy Zimmerman
BAE Systems
"Obout ASP.net components are really the BEST!!! I really like them all."
Alain Melsens
"I'm glad that I choose obout as a component provider. Your support is amazing, thank you again."
Eduardo Martins
Publirádio, Departamento de Informática
"Incredibly efficient OBOUT suite!"
Steve Poirier
TELUQ, Quebec
"obout suite controls are really fantastic!"
Bryan Sibaja
Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
"Great support and help. Instant response from developers. Thank you very much."
Alan C.
"I have read great things about your support, but you guys really are exceptional. "
Richard Mikesell
"Thanks a lot. You are the best."
Fahad S Alenazi
King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre
"Appreciate your fast and accurate response, saved my day !..Great Technical Support"
Ramesh Prajapati
State of Tennessee
"You guys have fantastic support."
Siamak Delavari
TD Securities
"Just to add to the chorus of supporters, I really enjoy working with your products! As a non-professional developer I sometimes find myself in over my head, but overall your controls have been easy to use and very nice."
David Ross
"That worked wonders. I am very pleased with the product. It's a huge improvement on the ASP.NET built-in control."
Mitesh Patel
Agilent Technologies
"Works like a charm! Not only did you give an excellent response to our problem, but your suggested solution also gave us a couple of other interesting tips! Thanks a lot!"
Asbjørn Kvalheim
Sense Data
"Thanks for the response. Your company may have the best software customer service I've ever worked with...."
Bill Jacob
The Huntington National Bank
"I want to compliment you guys on your outstanding support. Love using your products especially with such great support."
Orson Tormey
Trio Technology
"Thanks for the awesome support and incredible product!"
Andy Mason
"Thanx again...the support that I get from you guys is always top notch."
Adam Norris
"My Feedback for Product: The obout GRID control is the best and easiest grid control I have ever used till date. It has all the features that needs to be, within a GRID and it’s so user friendly that even a layman can use it just by drag and drop and few lines of code. My Feedback for Support: Honestly speaking, I had not expected the first response from obout that quickly. I mean, I got the response to my query in less than 20 minutes (which is really amazing) and I was really shock to see that. And also, good to see the way Obout team works to fix the issue so quickly. Please continue do design and develop the best tools that are really helpful for the developers in the IT market."
Rohan Lopes
"Thank you so much for the "BEST" controls!"
Henk de Wet
"Your support and development team is excellent! Again thank you very much. "
Imdad Sunasara
"Thanks very much, once again. Seriously, the support is absolutely fantastic."
Nick Watt
"By the way you guys have done a wonderful job on developing these components. Kudos to y'all."
Toyin Adelaja
Advantage Solutions Group
"Not only Obout's tool's great, your support is wonderful too."
Anish Bishen
Trane Inc.
"As always, I really appreciate your fast response to questions - this is just plain Awesome!"
Olivier Kovacs
"I appreciate your time and your patience. You provided outstanding support. "
Tien Nguyen
Dermalogica, Inc.
"Having used both Telerik and Component Art controls I can definitely say that the Obout Suite offers the most flexible and easy to implement controls about. And for the few problems I have had the support team have been most helpful, often providing showcase examples to help me understand things."
Tim Finch
"You really do have an outstanding support at Obout. Thank you very much for your support."
Reshma Deshmukh
Crest Premedia Solutions
"This is one of the best thought out controls. Thank you for your efforts! "
Steven Hahn
"I am really very happy with your support, outstanding product and service."
Rajender Bekkary
PacoGroup Inc.
"Thanks so much! I will recommend Obout to ANYONE serious about making an impact in the simplicity and flow of their asp.net pages. There is just no comparing these controls with the alternatives! Better in every way! "
Daniel Burgess
Heidelberg Distributing Company
"The controls you've created here are definitely the best and easiest to use that I've ever seen or worked with. ;)"
Daniel Burgess
"Thanks for such a quick response and a great set of tools."
Chris Reed
"I would like to tip my hat to you on your response time...holy buckets, I have never had someone respond that fast. Thank You!!"
Bryan Spann
"Your grid control is really great."
Phan Tri Thuc
"Thanks for the continued support...You were very helpful to me this week and I am grateful."
Ted Lewis
"Thank you very much. Really appreciate your diligent and quick follow up in showing us how to "Hide grouping area". Your quick follow up and response to your customer base has reinforced our belief in Obout as a top notch web tools suite for web applications. "
Kaydee Dwarak
Grocers Supply Company
"Thanks for your quick reply - you guys rock!"
Michael Holm Andersen
"Thank you very much for your support. It is actually quite nice to receive lightning fast responses especially when one is on the other side of the world."
Clinton Morrison
"I have been working with the Obout controls for many years. I have recommended them in 3 companies and each time they were purchased and management is very impressed with the pages that I can create."
Dan Gregory
"Let me start by saying I love your products, they are by far the best I've used."
T. Bradley
"Love the product, we have put it to good use!!!! "
Robert Hall
Rayonier Information Technology
"I love new functions you guys are adding. Thanks for a great product!"
Adam Walankiewicz
Aerodirect Inc.
"I like the controls, you guys did a good job."
Christopher Lambert
Bank of America
"This product is awesome... And affordable also, which is so nice."
Jonathan Maynard
"Congratulations on the amazing eye-candy controls that you have developed! It really makes us want to create a whole project based on that."
Bruno Coelho
"Once again, thanks for the quick reply and for a great product."
Magnus Larewall
"Thanks for your excellent support."
Brian D. Jennison
"Thank you very much for the wonderful solution."
Saju Sangeeth
Software Lab Qatar W.L.L.
"Thanks, all my problems are solved, great products... Thanks again!"
Tony Chen
"Wau! (spanish esclamation) what speed!! About 30 seconds. Thanks for your answer."
Eduardo Sánchez
ABC Systems
"I am always impressed how receptive your company is towards feedback."
Markus Neuhoff
Grand Valley State University
"That does the trick! Thank you very much for helping resolve this issue so quickly! Much appreciated!"
Ashar Zaman
Deloitte Consulting
"We have purchased the obout suite of controls and have used it in our web apps. It has worked great in many apps giving them a great look and feel and extremely versatile."
Kaydee Dwarak
Grocers Supply
"We have been using you tools in our development group for about the past 3 years and are very happy with them."
Wm. Reiman
ITT. Corp, Phlia.
"I am writing to express my admiration of your Grid control. My firm and I reckon it as very helpful and really exceptional. Moreover, I am impressed by your individual support. The respond is very fast, which is a unique feature. "
Ivo Panov
Geryon DZZD
"Thank you again for your continued support."
Marvin Haiman
The Metropolitan Police Department
"Thank you for your prompt response. I just love how fast you guys respond."
Gipson Masayi
Rapid Response Monitoring
"Can't wait to play with the new controls, you guys make my life so much easier with the controls. Keep up the great work."
"First off let me say that your grid control is very impressive."
"Obout Combobox is a wonderful control!"
"Great support love the product."
Michael Kock
"I've been using treeview for a while now. I LOVE that product !!!"
Real Drouin
"Compliments regarding your products, our firm likes them so much."
Marco Carminati
Disc spa
"You are a God-send!! Thank you so much!!"
Olivia Phillips
"Kudos on creating this extremely powerful grid!"
Mike Cabassol
Provali Group
"I have to say that Obout is having Superb controls for asp.net, which I enjoy using in my project."
Sunil Chitrapu
New York City Department of Education
"First of all... loved the controls... its wonderful features and ease of use. Most of all, I would like to commend your support group. Even if we're still in evaluation mode, the support team has been great and very response. Keep up the great work!"
James Gagni Jr.
Aon Singapore
"Many thanks and I look forward to working with the Obout suite of controls for many years to come !!!"
John Morcom
SAA Consultants Ltd.
"Thanks! I'm starting to feel the support love everyone's talking about. :)"
Rob Hill
"Your help has been amazing, and I really appreciate your quick response. My project looks and works much better because of it! Thank you!"
"The controls are wonderful. You people have done a great job."
Abhijeet Sheorey
"I just want to say that your products are absolutely incredible. Thank you so much!"
Jay Taplin
"Thank you for this excellent support!"
A. Franzkowiak
"Great work on the controls everyone! They are amazing, easy to use, and the most professional I've seen!"
G. Hampton
Best Rate Referrals
"The Grid control is very cool. I've got about a thousand uses for it if I can master it. "
Rette Alexander
Rayonier Information Technology
"These tools are Great!"
Scott Cromwell
Colorado Department of Public Safety
"One more thing I would like to share with you guys is, what a great outstanding solutions and very quick response with efficient support. I'm really so inspired with these components and it’s like very superior while working with these components. I'm so impressed and great work. I hope you are shaking presentation in this world :) Thank you once again ALL THE BEST!"
"Thanks much. The trees seem to be working exactly as we want and we do appreciate the timely resolution. As our project moves further along the design process, we find ourselves utilizing Obout controls more and more and it's comforting to know that your support system is so responsive."
Kevin Holder
Tennessee Department of Human Services
"You did great work,it is a magic and thank you for that."
Fahad S Alenazi
King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre
"Your components are amazing. I'm excited. Obout is NUMBER ONE!"
Radovan Laga
"I'd really thank you guys for a wonderful product that really saves my time and meet my requirements!"
Khodor Ammar
"I must admit that your components are the most intuitive."
Andrea Beltran Caipa
"Your products are always the best out there."
Jeff Seiffert
Peters & Associates
"Please accept our heart felt thanks for the wonderful set of controls."
Vishal Agarwal
Spatial Ideas
"Let me say that your package is fantastic. I was surprised to find so many examples. "
Lionel Dalmas
"I am very very impressed, happy, satisfied and grateful. Again you have my sincere thanks!"
Cary Abramoff
The Bank of New York Mellon
"I'm impressed of your components. Best user friendly components I have ever seen."
Yücel Kandemir
21 IT Solutions & Travelink Inc.
"Your components are really amazing. I never thought that development could become this easy."
Alperen Atmaca
Anadolu University, Turkey
"I downloaded your component suite. I must say, I’m really impressed with the way you packaged it and the way you presented your examples. It’s very easy to understand. "
Benoit Letourneau
"Wonderful components! It is so easy to use your controls."
Maria S
"Very impressed and happy. Obout controls make my life so much easier."
Wayne Croghan
Merlin Process Software Ltd.
"Your tools are fantastic."
Aaron Gillam
Haynes International, Inc.
"Amazing tools. It was a wonderful experience working with your components. Using Obout was a great experience that saved a precious time to be focused on the core of my system."
Paulo Roberto Ribeiro
"I would like to thank the whole obout team for a great tool. Recently I have downloaded your tool and I believe that your controls are tremendous to work with. The usefulness and appearance is excellent."
Faruk Sikder
Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd.
"I'm pretty happy on replacing ComponentArt's splitter with yours, I'm getting vastly superior performance out of it. On resize of the CA splitter it can take 2-3 seconds to complete a resize of a complex page whereas yours is maybe .5 of a second max."
David Homer
"Got only two words ... You ROCK!!!"
Randy Finster
"Congratulations on such a stable and flexible product!!!!! Much easier to use and understand that the Janus Grid I have been using."
Colin Briggs
"Thanks for your quick response. I have really enjoyed developing with your product. So far it seems easy to use and it really adds style to my projects. "
Troy Patton
"Guys, great stuff we are really liking all the controls, we really could not have asked for more! THANKS!"
David A. Melton
Van Epps & Associates, LLC
"I'm using your component-suite for some days now and by now I am quite satisfied with it. Good job, great value for the money!"
Andreas Müller
"Just wanted to drop a quick note to say what an excellent job you're doing with your web UI products. I just implemented the splitter control with out a single problem (or curse word)! I look forward to using your other components!"
Doug Arp
"We are a current owner of the Infragistics suite - but will be immediately purchasing your components as they are far and away better than anything I have seen out there. Great stuff! I can't believe I haven't come across your components before."
David Adams
NJS Enterprises, Inc.
"Your grid is awesome! Solid!"
Mike Labman
"We appreciate your co-ordination, your analysis of our code and efforts in giving us hints/code snippets to find a solution to our unique problem. Thank you very much !!"
Rama Krishnan
ESS - Environmental Support Solutions
"Your controls are by far the best I've used. They put Infragistics to shame."
Mike Collins
"You guys are amazing. I love what I have seen of your products. We definitely plan on purchasing the suite and I am telling everybody I know about you guys."
Chris Lynd
SVP Financial Systems
"Congratulations by your good job in obout controls. I have proud in use this controls because they have a best quality that i never saw before."
Carlos Barata
"First and foremost, amazing controls guys! Excellent work all around. Many Thanks."
David J Steele
ABAP Developer
"I am absolutelly impressed with your suite that’s what makes ASP .net development really effective and fun even for an ASP .net rookie like me."
Szabolcs Apro
Software Consultant
"Thank you very much for your help! Excellent support!"
Todd Newell
Newell IT Services
"Obout is the best ;) really enjoy working with it."
Léon Neaimeh
Software Engineer
"We LOVE your controls -- I am always checking for new and/or enhanced controls. I'm telling everybody obout.com!"
Dennis Spurlin
"Quality of products and support you guys provide is matchless. I’m very pleased with the service you guys provide and I want you to know that I’ll make sure all my programmer friends will know about your first-class company. "
Ion Despoiu
CB Mills, Division of Chicago Boiler
"Thanks for your immediate response. You are an authentic professional."
Aris Vlotomas
"I really appreciate the way you helped and moreover the help came in such an electrifying speed.. Cool. Keep up the good work !!"
Rebaca Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
"Thanks for the fastest help. You guys are genius. Keep that going. God bless you all !!"
"Great. Thanks again. I appreciate all your invaluable support and patience."
Quang Tran
"Thank you for your immediate solutions. As a programmer I am inspired by your work attitude and solutions. You have done a great job for me."
Suresh Kumar
"I just waned to give you all many thanks for the level of support you provide. I have dealt with a few 3rd party software providers and have never seen this level of support anywhere. This on top of an awesome set of .NET controls that adds so much to a web application. I can't thank you guys enough. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing even more first class controls from Obout."
Mohsen Kashani
"I just want to say that your response time is incredible... the developer we have working with the license we purchased (Grid) has reported that he is getting technical support responses in under an hour consistently (and they make sense and solve his problems). GREAT company! I will be telling others about our experience."
Scott MacDonald
"We are really liking your grid.It is really a great control."
Nauman Cheema
"I am extremely impressed with your Suite"
Markus Neuhoff
Grand Valley State University
"Obout is one impressive company. I’ve been developing hardware and software for about 35 years and I have not seen a company that has done such an incredible job with their website in support of their software, to say nothing about the quality of the various objects you have created at a very reasonable price!!"
Greg Schneider
Founding Director - HEAL Project
"I love your asp.net components and they help me a great deal. Thank you so much to obout and it's developers! you guys make our life a lot easier and fun to do coding. "
Shwe Phyo Khun
"I like your site and think your controls are amazing."
Vaughn Haybittle
"We really like the tab menu....Brings a sense of organization to the page layouts."
Mark Butler
"Love the control by the way. Sure beats customizing a .net calendar. "
Josh Sheppard
"I just bought your controls and I must say they are great! I used them during college and I recommended them to my company."
Damian Lobalzo
"Great work on the suite - I'm lovin' it."
Dave Vanderkloot
"You guys are WONDERFUL... I have to say that the obout controls are probably the best purchase we have made in a very long time... Thank you for the AWESOME support!"
John Miller
"Great Products, Great Support....You people are awesome!!!"
John Sargent
Efficient Engineering
"Thanks for the great work on the suite - I'm lovin' it so far."
Dave Vanderkloot
"Let me say that your products are absolutely amazing. Please add me to the long list of fans."
Nick Smith, IT Director
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
"I use the obout suite for a great deal of highly complex application work and it has proven itself to be very reliable."
Dr. Daniel Donnelly
Bliss-Systems Ltd
"I want to say your product is excellent – far more than we were expecting!"
Jorge Rojas Mata
"We think your Obout Suite is fabulous, and one of the best set of tools available anywhere."
John Niesen
Service Delivery Manager
"First, let me tell you how impressed I am with your components. Nice stuff, and well documented! "
Coral Amende
"Great product by the way, I bought the whole obout suite about 6 months ago and never regretted it for a second."
Dr. Daniel Donnelly
Bliss-Systems Ltd
"Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kindness and your professional support! I tell all my web partners in Norway about your great products! "
O. Isaksen
"Thank you very much, your suite is amazing. It´s been a long time I´m trying to do this effect and asked the suport from others suites and none of them could do it works. Great product."
Fiorilli Software
"Great feature the window manager is!!"
Mark W.Butler
"Let me tell you that your products are good!"
"I have been looking at your Flyout control and I am very impressed! I have been looking for a similar control for quite some time."
Steve Pietrek
"The components Obout has are very cool ... keep up the good work"
Barry Cedergren
"I just discovered your control suite by accident and, after looking at your online demos, I was so impressed that I couldn't resist the temptation to download and put it through its paces. After several hours of experimentation, I congratulate you on a really great product. Your controls are well designed, robust and performance."
Tim Coulter
"You really do a terrific job with this stuff - well worth the price of admission!"
Coral Amende
RescueConnection Software
"I have used a number of editors over the years and yours is by far the best!"
Tom Hechtman
"My customers were absolutely amazed at what they could do online now. I could not have pulled it off without your controls."
Mark W. Butler
"I reviewed your GridView control features and thought you guys did a great job with your control!!!"
Tatyana Hughes
Wayside Technology Group
"I have enjoyed using your product and have recommended it to other developers."
Tom Murzenski
"Everything is almost a perfection... Great Job!! Keep up the good work!!"
"I really like your Flyout control since it is easy and and fast integration"
"I try out other tools from time to time but always end up seeing if I can do what I need with the obout suite because you make the best ones!"
Daniel C. Hall
"You are wonderful for your product. You are wonderful for your support. Thank you very much."
"Easy Menu works like a charm! Your asp.net components are the best."
John Diego
City of Gilroy
"You have most wonderful .NET components. The ease of use is just amazing."
Krishna Reddy
Crop Management Specialist/MIS, Blooming Nursery, Inc.
"First of all, Thanks to all of you for helping me in cruch situations... Your precious help is just more than to be expressed rather appreciated in words... Really Thank you..."
Abhisek Singh
"Brilliant !!!. thank you for your support and wonderful product suite !!"
Naveen Dhotre
National Strategies
"I like the controls you guys have...nice stuff."
Paul Millefolie
"obout controls are a lot better than any other controls out there."
Marcelo Silva
"Thank you very much for such a great product. We had purchased three of your competitors editor controls with each of them having functional flaws that made it incompatible with our application. Obout's editor is the only one that meets our requirements. Also, your support has been absolutely the best!"
Darren Terrell
"Obout Team, I am the Development Manager for the inkubook tem at Author Solutions. I wanted to personally take the time to thank the Obout team for the absolute top notch support we have been provided. Your support has exceeded anything we have received from your competitors. When given a choice of tools, I will have no hesitation in selecting the Obout tool over any tool provided by a competitor. "
Jim Daugherty
Development Manager, inkubook
"Thank you so much, your tools are brilliant! I am so happy with them, best of breed I think."
"I must say the controls are awesome. I am very impressed with Scheduler component."
Metis Systems
"One thing I should say is.. this is the fastest Tree control I’ve ever used. Great Work!"
Sri Shyamalangan
"All your controls are professionally developed and well documented. Easy to modify and implement. They have been saving a lot of time and making the applications more user friendly. Your email support is awesome, so fast in replies. This means a lot to a customer. I hope the support team will always continue the same way."
Mustafa Basgun
Atlanta, GA USA
"Your control is the best. "
Dennis H. Oril
Huris Inc.
"In the future, we will always look to Obout first when searching for new components."
Darren Terrell
"The grid control is very cool and Most Excellent!"
Ken Ernst
"First, I would like to say great controls. They are awesome."
Blaine Trimmell
"I have evaluated components from many of your competitors, and am impressed with how easy your controls are to use in comparison. I was able to get them up and running in a fraction of the time."
Lloyd, Douglas E
GE Healthcare
"All the compliments on your site are well deserved - I've always received good support from you."
Paul Millefolie
"I am extremely impressed with your Suite"
Markus Neuhoff
Grand Valley State University
"I first just wanted to take this opportunity to compliment the quality of product you offer, and for a great price! I've been using your products for about two weeks now and can't tell you how much time and effort you've saved me!"
Keith Howes
Symantec Corporation
"I must say, I'm very impressed with your controls, and your prompt support. I have told several people in the software industry here in Chicago about your products and support."
Norman Paterson
Kaplan Professional Publishing
"Thank you for your quick reply, that was awesome!"
Jack Cleveland
Symantec Corporation
"Boys… You are the best ones."
Alvaro Torres Tatis
"Your response is quick and clear - Keep it up - Great team. And also thanks about your product - I am very much impressed with all your products. Your help and how to is much better and satisfy most of my doubts - good work."
Muthukumar N.
"More power to you. Your controls are the best we have been testing so far."
Arthur del Prado
"Your help has been amazing, and I really appreciate your quick help in fielding all my questions. My end product will be better because of it! Thank you!"
Drew Forward | Business Process Architect
HeadCount Corporation
"It is amazing how you guys have the tools that suits our needs to the "T" and I'm really glad to see that these tools are compatible with 3.5 as we would be moving there shortly."
Ramarao Prahalad
Texas Association of School Boards
"We’re very happy customers. Thanks for the great turnaround time and attention with your tech support.Thanks."
Chris LoPresto
Microdesk, Inc.
"I must admit that your components are the most intuitive I've ever used your product suite is really great, but equally important, the support is even better! :)"
Michael Holm Andersen
M media
"These are great products! My clients love them."
Tony Maldonado
Seattle, WA
"Your TreeView component with the use of the Tree DB component are a real winner. I am using this with my CMS applications that allow the user to order the documents with a simple drag and drop. It's brilliant and my clients now have a more intuitive application."
Ben de Groot
"The grid itself is excellent. I'm amazed by what you have accomplished with it. It has become the main control for our pages due to our customers responses to layouts with it."
Mark Butler
Achieve Technology
"Hey, just wanted to say I love using the new grid... I am working on incorporating it in a ton of places in an application we use."
Wes McClure
"We are very impressed with this control including new features - I tried Key Navigation and Exporting. Great product, really!"
Bronida Tarutin (WMG ADA)
"Thank you very very much, I have to say your support is the best."
Guido Helmers
"YOU ARE THE BEST! The first time in my life I've met with such excellent team. Almost instant reply! That's amazing! Thank You Very Much!"
Arsen Memetov
San Computer Antalya, Turkey
"What can I say except Oustanding! Not only was your response clear, concise and complete, it was amazingly quick. I am very impressed and will certainly recommend in future. Thank you :-) "
Pete Davies
"Perfect! Honestly, you guys make me look brilliant. Your components offer a dynamic, and professionally designed experience for my users. The TreeView has been invaluable to me, huge datasets and enormous hierarchies are a snap. However, when you first introduced the CALLBACK, you rocked my world! Having moved from desktop to web applications, I missed the functionality I used to have. You gave it back - thank you. I can't tell you the number of times I've been asked "How'd you do that?" (even from our tech support and contractors)."
John Cappelletti
"You are the best That is exactly what I needed Thank you"
Hill's Imports Inc
"Just check it out, and see the demo.., The new grid is rock.. Like it very much... You guys always come with the new thing... Drag and drop column header.. is amazing..and the performance is still the best Thank you very much"
Husain Ahmad
"Inspiration and genius—one and the same thing is in Obout - cheers!"
Ucin Shihab
"I have downloaded the grid and I enjoy working with it. I was also evaluating the Infragisticts package, but found your product easier to get going and easier to configure."
Henrik Kristensen.
Lumina Systems Delivery
"We really love your control suite -- its relatively light-weight, flexible, and pretty damned feature-rich; keep up the good work~!"
Stephen A. Bohlen
Microdesk, Inc
"I'd just like to thank you for the awesome work that your team has done in creating all of the ASP.NET tools. They are easy to work with and are the best that I have found."
Roy Williams
"Great components, great service and great support by the way guys."
"I have to say, you guys are too cool. Not only do you put out these cool things, but you got back to me so fast it is unbelievable!!"
Christian Loepp
"You really do have an outstanding support at Obout, which I like very much."
Rick Langevoort
"I like your support... Great!!!! "
"Thanks for the great support. I will buy the whole suite within a couple of days. You guys are the best!"
Toine A.G. Bastiaans
"The tree control is fantastic! Keep up the great coding and service!!"
Michael L. Richman
VP, Development InteHealth Incorporated
"Thank you very much for your quick response, that is quicker than ...!"
Adam Everett
"Thank you for the super fast response... which is just another reason why you're the best and why I keep returning. =)"
Keith Westberg
"I wanted to say this is probably the best set of tools I have ever worked with, but the fact that you guys answer questions is phenomenal. I recommend your stuff to every developer I talk to. "
Karl Wilkens
Multiweb Communications, Inc.
"Thanks so much, you guys have the best support I have ever seen."
Mike Blandford
"You guys are the best! Thank you, you're making our lives much more easier."
Bronida Tarutin
"Keep up the great development; you guys are true heroes in the world wild web of .NET programming!"
Maurice Battle
"Your fast turn around and helpful attitude have made me VERY VERY HAPPY. This is SO RARE to find especially with something as complicated as a control suite and one so reasonably priced at that."
Cary Abramoff
"THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! IT WORKS!!!! Anyway, I don't know how much to thank you for your quick and efficient support. I've been computer developer for almost 8 years now, and I have never found a company with a support so fast and effective. My real compliment to you and your company."
Alessandra Monica
"I just experimenting with your window and I must say that I am really so impressed with it.I am currently using teleik window but after I tried yours , I made my mind to move towards yours, what I really like about your components is the really simple API and it is light on browser, I made some tests comparing window to ... one and I must say your outtakes ..."
"Your grid is very very competitive against all others. Its very very very professional and very nice customizable in designs. I admire it a lot."
Shiyaz Ahammed
"The flyout does work great. You have some pretty nifty components I cannot live without. Thank you again very much for your support and timely responses."
"I'm very happy with the obout suite. The product is excellent!"
Anfilofio Santos
"After evaluating around 10 html editors I found yours and made a quick decision that it is simply the best one I have found."
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Gibbons, Bobby
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David Sheardown
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University of Queensland (Australia)
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