Identical standards compliant XHTML in all browsers

Generates browser independent standards compliant XHTML.
Created content looks exactly the same in all browsers.
No more <font> and other depreciated tags.

Quick formatting

Create any CSS classes with any styles and load them into the MVC HTML Editor. Let your users format text with just one click. It's like macros on steroids!

Load on demand

Features that require some heavy processing are loaded on demand only when used for the first time. This saves loading time and page size.

Fully customizable interface

Show only buttons and functions your users use and hide the rest.
Fully customizable with CSS to fit your tastes.
You can create your own buttons and popup windows.

Entire page HTML code generating

Many other Editors generate HTML code for document's body content only.
You can get the entire page HTML code with head section, stylesheets and so on.

"Congratulations on the amazing eye-candy controls that you have developed! It really makes us want to create a whole project based on that."

Bruno Coelho

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